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About Us

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Our Beginning

Boise Bears is an independently owned day care center, providing a safe place for students to advance in life and education. Founded by Barbara Brown, Boise Bears has been the starting point for children from all academic achievements, including those with learning disabilities, to learn and grow into the bright and independent children they are today. Barbara founded Boise Bears Child Care Center while working with her son to excel socially and academically in private school. When she provided her son with more one on one attention she saw a noticeable difference in his comprehension and ability to absorb information. Through this experience, she was able to create a learning environment where children can learn at their own pace, leading to the founding of Boise Bears Child Care Center.

Our Mission

We believe that children have the potential and ability for success, our job is to provide the opportunities and support to help them achieve it.

At Boise Bears we encourage the participation and involvement of parents in their child’s education and overall care. We offer an active and cordial learning environment as well as a creative child care center. We cater to a 4:1 child-care provider ratio to ensure the well being and safety of each child.

What We Offer

Our child care center surrounds students with an inventive and encouraging environment. This allows children to develop social skills, such as empathy and self worth, while teaching them responsibility, self discipline and respect for others.

We provide a safe and creative environment for children in hopes of building and earning their trust. Our success is measured by whether, in partnership with parents, we’ve made the most of an individual’s potential based on their strengths and gifts.