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Boise Bears Child Care

Infant Care

Our infant care program caters to children up to 18 months, while maintaining a 4:1 child/care provider ratio.

In these early stages, infants are learning about the world around them and exploring their new abilities. From griping your fingers to discovering their voice, they are learning how to communicate, little by little. We understand the importance and influence of these early years and we want to work with you to provide an influential learning experience and a loving environment.

Child Care

Child Care

Our child care program caters to children from 18 to 24 months of age while maintaining a 4:1 child/care provider ratio.

As this age can entail limitless amounts of energy, we offer hands on learning activities and open play time to allow children to learn at their own pace. At Boise Bears we embrace the challenge of these energetic years and channel their energy to meet and fulfill their potential.

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To help children grow and develop their independence, our teachers help each child discover their talents and creativity through hands on learning activities, interactive games, music and art. Lessons are given using arts and crafts, dramatic play, and physical outdoor activities to encourage children to participate in daily learning. Our curriculum is tailored to not only aid in educational development but also achieve social understanding and emotional intelligence.

Each staff member is selected by their natural ability to care for young children and help them achieve their full potential.